AOA Physicians

The joys of motherhood are never fully experienced until all the children are in bed.
- Unknown

AOA Physicians

AZ Wellness Center for Women
Nancy B. Harris, MD
Valerie A. Sorkin-Wells, MD
Heather L. Roth, MMS, PA-C
Donna Figaro-Sheffey, PA-C

Maricopa OBGYN
Michael A. Urig, MD
Lexine Hebets, MD
Staci A. Mayer, MD
Brock Jackson, MD
Celeste Pottorff, DO
Kate Maroney, MD, FACOG
Kathleen Powers, MD
Bonnie Hare, RN, WHNP-BC
Cece Heys, WHNP
Candice Candelaria, MS, RD
Michelle M. Davis, DNP, NNP, CNM
Anne Burriss, WHNP
Teana Kabacinski, WHNP

New Horizons Women's Care
Andrew C. Villa, MD
Gerald Pass, DO
Monte R. Swarup, MD
Celina Reyes-Hailey, MD
Ernestine Bustamante, MD
Matthew Moore, DO
Karen A. Ragaini, MD
Charles B. Boag III, DO
Judith Adams, MD
Aspen Bradley-Wolfe, MD
Paula McEachen, MD
Susan Morton-Pradhan, MD
Aristea Karabinas, MD
Lori McNeal, MD
Marsha Nagamoto, WHNP-BC
Deandra L. Smith, WHNP-BC
Patty Jalomo, WHNP
Danielle Jennings, WHNP

Paradise Valley OBGYN
Robert V. Newman, MD
Chelsea Crum, MD
Mary A Deka, MD
Elizabeth Reynoso, MD
Laura Waggener, WHNP
Margaret Gossett, WHNP
Amanda Mower, WHNP

Estrella Women's Health Center
Jordan Oland, MD
Florian T. Walter, DO
Raj Rathee, MD
B.J. Ho, DO
Sarah Colwell, DO
Britt Michie, RNC, MSN, WHNP
Ingrid Gold, RN, CNM
Jennifer Woodruff, RNC, MSN, WHNP
Meaghan Gomez, FNP-C
Michaela Wagner, CNM
Tracy Burns, CNM
Anna Gomez, CNM
Yisel Carter, CNM
Karline Snyder, CNM

Midtown OBGYN
Bruce Culbertson, MD
Corey Bruce, MD
Kevin Lythgoe, MD