What To Do During an Arizona Summer

Arizona in the summertime can be a bit taxing. What with the extremely warm weather and the kids home from school, what do you do? Whether you’re pregnant with your first or fifth, sometimes getting out of the heat and outdoors can relax the mind, relax the body, and give everyone a much needed break from the 100-degree temps. But where do you go? What do you do? Let the AOA Family help you out…


What To Do in Arizona This Summer

There are hundreds of things to do in Arizona during the summer, especially if you still want to enjoy the great outdoors. Breathing in that fresh air is not only great for you through your pregnancy, it’s great for the whole family. Of course, it can be difficult to breathe in that fresh summer air when you’re stuck in the valley heat, where the summer air can be nearly stifling. So, consider heading up north this month!

  • Stay in a Cabin – While ‘roughing it’ might not be your cup of tea, especially if you’re pregnant, there are many cabin rentals that offer wonderful deals during the summer months. From small and cute to enormous and classy, places like Pinetop, Greer, Flagstaff, Payson and Prescott have great cabin rentals for the entire family. Keep your eye on Groupon and Deal Chicken specials, as many times throughout the year these wonderful cabins have great discounts.
  • Sunrise and Snowbowl – During the winter, these ski resorts are packed full of avid skiers and novices, and prices can be steep for a family. However, in the summer months these ski resorts turn into beautiful Arizona attractions, where the cool breezes and green vegetation can really set your mind at ease. Both ski resorts offer scenic lift rides, outdoor activities like hiking and biking, and lodging.
  • Summer Camps – From Flagstaff to Pinetop to Prescott, there are summer camps for kids of all ages in Arizona. If the summer heat is getting to the kids, consider a summer camp up north where cooler temperatures and fun rule. Visit http://phoenix.about.com/od/summer/Kids_Summer_Camps_in_Phoenix_and_Arizona.htm for more information on what camps your kids might be interested in.
  • While the Kids are Away – While the kids are away at camp, you can take advantage of an empty house with some much needed pregnancy pampering. Many local resorts right here in the valley offer amazing summertime pampering packages at a discounted rate. Consider a night and spa package at a Scottsdale resort. Maybe a weekend at the casino with amazing brunch, massage and some time by the pool.

Yes, it can get extremely hot and uncomfortable during the summer months here in Arizona, especially if you’re pregnant. So take a break from the heat and head up north, where the cool air will help to relax your body, perhaps help to release some of that swelling from the heat, and give you and your family a much needed vacation.

If you are worried about how the Arizona heat is affecting your pregnancy, talk to your AOA provider. We have been through many summers here in the valley with many expectant moms, and can help you get through it safely and as comfortably as possible.

Have a Safe and Fun Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend is a wonderful excuse to spend time with close friends and family. To jump in the pool with the kids, teach your teenagers the skill of the BBQ, drop the boat in the water and share the importance of remembering what this holiday is all about. Memorial Day Weekend is not just another long weekend to enjoy a few extra days off of work, it’s a weekend full of opportunity, endless possibilities to connect with your kids and establish some lasting memories.

What To Do In Arizona

We popped over to AZCentral.com to see what family friendly events are happening over this Memorial Day Weekend, and wanted to share those with our AOA Family:

  • Veterans in Free at Wet ‘n’ Wild – According to AZCentral.com, veterans and first responders will get into the part for free over Memorial Day Weekend, from May 24th through May 28th. Family members of military, veterans and first responders can get in for only $19.99. They will have awesome BBQ and fireworks in the evening.
  • Cemetery Memorial – For the 29th years, the Pioneers’ Cemetery Association will celebrate Memorial Day with Civil Way re-enactments, Buffalo Soldiers and celebrity appearances.

Of course, you can always throw your own backyard BBQ over this long weekend and celebrate Memorial Day in your own way!

Water Safety

With so many pool parties and backyard BBQ’s happening this weekend, we wanted to remind you to watch your kids around water. Follow these simple steps to have a safe and fun holiday weekend:

  • Watch Your Kids At All Times – Don’t assume that someone near the pool or at the party is watching the kids for you. You must be responsible not only for your own kids, but for every child at that party. If you’re hosting the party, it’s your responsibility to have someone on watch at all times.
  • Do Not OverIndulge With Alcohol – If you are at a pool party with the family and kids, it’s best not to over-indulge with alcohol and to be acutely aware of everything that is happening in and around the pool.
  • Maintain Control – Just as there would be rules at any community pool, there needs to be a strict set of guidelines at your pool party. There should be no running around the pool, no rough housing underwater and no diving in the shallow end.
  • Have Safety Gear Available – You should have floatation devices for the younger children such as life jackets, padded swimsuits or water wings. You should also have a  pool safety line to let the younger swimmers know where the deep end begins.
  • Fencing – You must have a fence around your pool!

The AOA Family wishes everyone a safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend!