Pregnancy and Emotional Health

Pregnancy brings with it a range of emotions, from elation to apprehension about taking care of a new little life. Your emotional state may also be all over the place because your hormones are almost in a constant state of fluctuation, as your body is taken over by the baby.  Your Arizona OBYN Affiliates provider is available for medical needs but also for emotional support to help you make this a great experience in your life.


Yes, it’s a stressful time, but it is the greatest moments of your life, and we are here to guide you through it. Staying positive and removing stress from your life as much as possible is just one aspect of a happy pregnancy. When you come in to meet with your physician, emotional health, your thoughts, fears and questions are always something we openly discuss. In fact, it’s part of the pregnancy process that we encourage; communication on all levels with your physician.


Depending on the level of lifestyle changes you are going to be making during your pregnancy, you will find that the more you are able to relax, kick your feet up, and remove stress, the happier your pregnancy will be.  (Yes, feel free to use this reason for not cooking dinner, having your partner do the dishes, and even getting a nice massage every once in a while).


Communicate with your family and friends about reducing your stress, spending more time doing fun things. Try to do something every day, at least one thing, to take care of your own emotional health. Whether that is some breathing techniques, yoga, meditation, or simply kicking your feet up, do something for you and let your partner know that it’s your time.

Avoid drama when possible. If your friends are high drama, perhaps consider scaling back the time you spend with them. Talk to your physician about ways to enhance your overall state of emotional health during these next 9 months. If you spend time focusing on ways to make yourself feel more calm and relaxed, you will be a better place mentally to sail through your pregnancy and all its related physical changes and experiences.


If you feel down, anxious, scared or have questions about your emotional health, which is completely normal, talk to us. We are here not just for medical purposes, but for the emotional ones that inevitably come along with pregnancy. It’s all normal and quite common, but it can feel overwhelming when pregnant, so talk to us ahead of time so that we can address anything that may sneak up.