To Baby-Proof or Not?

To baby-proof, or not to baby-proof? It’s a question that a lot of parents run into when their little one reaches a certain age, usually about eight months. Once they figure out how to crawl, every single thing in our home becomes a toy, something to check out or put in their mouths. If you have the time to keep a close eye on them every moment of the day, you might not have to baby-proof your home. However, if, like many parents in Arizona, you can’t be hovering over them at every moment, there are some baby-proofing products that you might be interested in.

Should I Baby-Proof My Home?

Every mom needs to make this decision on their own because every child is unique. Some children do not have the strength to get into too many sticky situations, many aren’t interested, and then there are those little-ones who just can’t stop themselves from exploring everything, pulling down everything and opening every single cupboard and drawer. If this is a question that you are still pondering, wait to see what your child will be like when the reach crawling age.

The last thing that you want is for your child to injure themselves or eat something toxic, so it is crucial that you keep all chemicals and cleaning products locked up, no matter what kind of personality your baby has. You do not want to leave even the slightest chance for an accident with toxic chemicals.

If you do decide to child-proof your home, here are a few items that might come in handy:

  • Bath Spout Cover – This is essential for those babies who just can’t sit still in the bath. As they crawl from one side of the tub to the other, pulling themselves up on everything, this is a great way to keep their little heads from getting bruised on the bath spout. They come in all sorts of colors, characters and animals, from whales and dolphin covers to rubber ducks. They not only keep the kids safe, they offer a great distraction and play toy.
  • Coffee Table Liners – If you’ve ever noticed on Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith and Derek have this table guards around their entire coffee table. Many parents choose to get simply the corner guards to protect little-crawlers from taking a spill on the corner of a table. It really is one of a parent’s greatest fears when your child begins pulling themselves up onto tables.
  • Outlet Covers – This is another element of baby proofing that keeps parents up at night. Electrical outlets, for some reason, seem to call to babies. Whether you baby-proof or not, consider at least getting some cover outlets for those electrical outlets that are in baby’s play areas.
  • Cabinet and Drawer Latches – These are a ‘might want’ product to have in your baby-proofing arsenal. Many parents simply move many breakable items to upper shelves and leave this one alone. Cabinet and drawer latches usually involve drilling holes in your wood, which many parents would like to avoid. However, it is highly suggested that you use these latches on any doors that are hiding cleaning products.
  • Baby Gates – If you have stairs, these are essential to keeping your baby safe. Something about stairs, just like electrical outlets, call to a baby, especially when they first figure out to manage them. The problem is that going up the stairs is a lot easier than going down, and it usually takes much longer for your little-one to the ‘going down safely’ part.  So, don’t skimp on these gates. Get something with a retractable door, one heavy duty, and one that will fit snuggly between your walls. Place one at the top and the bottom of your stairs. As your child grows, watch closely for any movement in the gate when your child stands against it. Do not solely depend on these gates to keep them safe, but they are a must in terms of child-proofing.

Child-proofing your home can be one of those questions that keeps parents up at night. Should you or shouldn’t you? To answer that question, talk to your partner and keep a keen eye on the type of personality your baby will have. As mentioned, every child is unique and will need different elements around the home to keep them safe. If you have questions or need help deciding, join us on Facebook where our Moms Helping Moms can offer great advice!!