AOA Patient Testimonial

I am personally recommending to any woman who doesn’t want to get pregnant and doesn’t want their period anymore to serious consider and have the Nova Sure uterus ablation with Dr. Valerie Sorkin-Wells, MD, FACOG. My gyno – Dr. Sorkin-Wells was very thorough and particular with proper procedures which made me feel very confident with getting the procedure done to me because I knew she was focused on all the details and as an intelligent woman I know that is what really matters.

I am going to write my personal details for you to use as an example and guide since everything I read on the internet did not give these kind of details so it might help you even though your experience might be totally different because everyone’s body heals and takes this procedure differently. So as my own caveat, please note my experience is not going to denote your own personal experience, just know that I’m writing this for you to see how a girl who has never had kids & was afraid of pain in my cervix about this procedure.

I am an organic food eater and the kind of person who doesn’t want to take hormones for either birth control or for painful period control. I really just didn’t want to have an invasive procedure and I wanted to end my days of painful periods and live my future period free!

[Day 1] I got my procedure done on a Friday afternoon which only took a few minutes under anesthesia. Got a ride home from my significant other and felt a little sore, groggy & little lower back soreness. I took 2 painkillers then ate dinner watched a movie at home with him and then took only 1 painkiller before bed at the appropriate time stated on the prescription label. I had a little discharge when I went to the bathroom that night and no spotting on my pad.

[Day 2] Saturday morning I woke up without any cramps and just a little lower back soreness. By noon I took 800mg of ibuprofen and the soreness went away all night. There was no discharge that day.

[Day 3] Sunday morning I woke up wondering if I even had the procedure done. I didn’t feel a thing. I was totally fine! My periods were way worse than anything I felt with this procedure. I could not believe I got a real ablation without any severe cramps, even my significant other was shocked and we both didn’t believe the procedure took. There was no discharge that day. & we had a very active day hiking for hours.

[2 weeks later] I’ve been wearing panty shields al this time daily, thinking discharge was going to happen at any unknown time. The day I was supposed to have my period I had mild cramping as if my period was coming on. Mind you it was nothing like the severe cramping I used to get when I got my period before this procedure. I put on a real pad not knowing what to expect since this procedure is not guaranteed, and since I felt so good afterwards I was afraid I would have to get the procedure done again. Well, after awhile nothing was showing up on the pad, then in the afternoon when I went to the bathroom, there were 3 very small clumps of discharge, no blood, no yuck. I still wore pads for 3 days but nothing else happened. I was done, no period, no more discharge and I am so happy.

So my biggest fear was pain and side effects and I can really say the pain was so minimal it was less than my period because I took it easy the 1st day and night. And there weren’t any side effects for me whatsoever! For me to have the freedom of not using hormones for birth control and never getting my periods anymore is amazing for my lifestyle of traveling, good love making and not having cramps anymore and to wear whatever I want whenever I want to is truly a wonderful way to live daily!

Thank you Dr. Sorkin- Wells for making this an easy experience for me to live period free!

Sincerely your patient,