AOA Family in View

At Arizona OBGYN Affiliates, we take pride in our AOA Family. Besides raising the bar in women’s healthcare, we are raising the bar in terms of patient relationships and family inclusion. Our AOA Family does not just consist of amazing, ‘Top Docs,’ staff and nurses. When we want you to join the AOA Family, were talking about our beautiful patients as well.

AOA Family History

We’ve spent many years establishing and assembling an integrated family of physicians who’s core values include providing high quality care and meet the highest level of clinical, technical and ethical standards in healthcare. If you’ve been to our Philosophy Page on the website, you’ve probably seen this line; “We believe in the power of family, the strength of unity, the importance of listening and the respect that comes from understanding.”

The AOA Family in View

In our latest newsletter we featured a very special part of our AOA Family that has spanned three generations. We love featuring a new AOA Family member in each addition of our monthly newsletter, connecting people not just with our physicians but with our patients as well. This month we introduced you to Lisa Taylor and her wonderful family.

Taylor is the first of three generations to become an AOA Family member. She first started seeing Dr. Michael Rockwell over 24 years ago, before seeing Dr. Brock Jackson. Impressed with the friendliness and quality of service, Taylor invited her mother and her daughter to join the AOA Family as well.

Today, grandmother, mother and daughter are AOA Family members at our Maricopa OBGYN offices. We have been lucky enough to welcome Taylor’s two sons and many grandchildren into the world.

“My mother has been a patient for at least 22 years and my daughter has been a patient for 10 years. We have had nothing but great experiences with the physicians and staff at MOGA. The physicians really take the time to get to know you as a person. They have always been friendly, caring, knowledgeable and most importantly they listen!


We couldn’t be where we are today without our amazing AOA Family members like our three generations of Taylors. It’s our commitment to providing quality care and literally treating you as we would treat our own family that makes our physicians some of the best in the valley.

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