Manage Your Health Anytime, Anywhere with AOA’s Patient Portal

AOA Patient Portal

Sometimes interacting with your healthcare provider can be a real pain. If you’re busy with your job and your family, you probably don’t have extra time to wait on the phone to get your lab results or to request a prescription refill. If you’re getting ready for an appointment with a new doctor, you probably don’t have extra time to arrive early to fill out a bunch of paperwork.

To save patients time and hassle, AOA is now offering a patient portal to allow virtual interactions with its experienced healthcare team. A best practice in the healthcare industry, this portal will improve and enhance your healthcare experience every time you use it.

5 Key Features of the Patient Portal

  • Lab results. View results as soon as they’re available without a follow-up appointment or extended phone calls.
  • Messages and refill requests. Secure messaging allows you to ask your doctor’s office questions or request prescription refills with complete privacy.
  • Appointment requests. Request appointments online for added convenience, time savings and privacy.
  • Check-in. Save time by completing health history and consent forms on the portal before your appointment.
  • Bill pay. Pay bills with a click instead of a check. Opt into eStatements to save paper. Keep credit card info on file for future use.

If you’re ready to start managing your health using our portal, follow these four easy steps to register:

  1. Visit our patient portal page and click “Sign up today” to create a new account.
  2. Enter your name, date of birth and contact information.
  3. After our system sends you a temporary passcode (via email, call or text), enter the temporary passcode in the appropriate field.
  4. Create your new password. Your password must be 8–20 characters and include one upper case letter, one lower case letter and one number/symbol.

You can rest assured knowing that our portal is completely secure and private. Plus, it’s available on your schedule whenever and wherever you need it!

Please remember that our patient portal is only intended for communication related to routine medical issues. If you have a medical emergency, please call 9-1-1.

To learn more about our patient portal, call Arizona OB/GYN Affiliates (AOA) at 602-343-6174 or visit