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AOA Physicians Available To See Aetna Patients

Arizona OBGYN Affiliates (AOA) is pleased to announce that it continues to be an ”In-Network” provider for Aetna insured patients, who may otherwise be forced to switch physicians for services at other OB/GYN practices. New and existing patients of AOA will find nothing has changed with AOA’s acceptance of their Aetna healthcare policies despite the disagreements other practices may had with Aetna's administrative practices and reimbursement rates. “We value our long and important relationship with Aetna and assure patients who are insured by Aetna that they are welcome in all AOA offices ,” notes Dr. Monte Swarup, AOA Partner and OB/GYN physician. AOA prides itself with maintaining excellent relationships with insurers so that women have access to the best doctors in the valley. READ MORE

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