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Arizona OBGYN Affiliates Physicians Available To See Aetna Patients

Wednesday, MAY 16h, 2012 – Arizona OBGYN Affiliates (AOA) is pleased to announce that it continues to be an ”In-Network” provider for Aetna insured patients, who may otherwise be forced to switch physicians for services at other OB/GYN practices. New and existing patients of AOA will find nothing has changed with AOA’s acceptance of their Aetna healthcare policies despite the disagreements other practices may had with Aetna's administrative practices and reimbursement rates. “We value our long and important relationship with Aetna and assure patients who are insured by Aetna that they are welcome in all AOA offices ,” notes Dr. Monte Swarup, AOA Partner and OB/GYN physician. AOA prides itself with maintaining excellent relationships with insurers so that women have access to the best doctors in the valley.

AOA is one of the largest OBGYN practices in the state of Arizona built from a family of integrated practices of OBGYN physicians across the valley. AOA is dedicated to providing exceptional women’s healthcare by providing state-of-the-art examinations and treatments across the valley.

Readers recently voted AOA the Best Medical Center in the East Valley because of their personalized care of each patient to make every experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible. “Our highly-trained and awarded doctors are proud to offer you a one-stop destination for your health needs,” adds Dr. Swarup.

At AOA, women receive state-of-the-art examinations and treatment thanks to AOA’s experienced physicians, vast resources and the high standards of its organization. AOA physicians have delivered over 60,000 healthy babies and have received more awards than any other OBGYN practice in Arizona.

About AOA

Blending advanced health care with compassion and trust, Arizona OBGYN Affiliates (AOA) is a family of OBGYN physicians who are elevating women’s care to a new level. With a staff of more than forty-five physicians and mid-level practitioners and 9 branch offices throughout Arizona, women have better access to quality care; providers have the ability to receive fair compensation; and insurance providers have peace of mind in knowing that the physicians within AOA meet the highest level of clinical, technical and ethical standards in healthcare. For more information, please visit www.AOAFamily.com.

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