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AOA Patient Profile - Carol Trombino, Paradise Valley OBGYN

Carol Trombino, Paradise Valley OBGYN
Carol Trombino, Paradise Valley OBGYN
Carol Trombino has been a patient of Dr. Gina Dado’s for just over four years, having been referred by her husband’s first wife.  Over the years, she’s mostly seen Dr. Dado when she visits the office, although once or twice she’s seen one of the nurse practitioners, and according to Carol “everyone has been great.”
The mother of an 8-year old girl named Priya, a second-grader, Carol is an administrative assistant in the Special Education office of the Cave Creek Unified School District and a Mary Kay consultant.  “I really enjoy the people I interact with on a daily basis. It is also great to work in the same district where my daughter attends school. “
As Carol says, “I am a little person – a dwarf, and a couple of years ago I had to have surgery to remove an ovarian cyst. There are special concerns for little people when it comes to anesthesia. I brought them an article about these concerns and they went out of their way to find a particular anesthesiologist who understood the issue for my surgery. I felt really taken care of.”
In addition to her work, Carol enjoys cooking and baking.  As she said, “I enjoy watching the Food Network and “Chopped” is my favorite show!”
Carol and her family also have two big cats named Jack and Gus. She’s a happy transplant to Arizona. “I have lived in Arizona for 4 1/2 years.  Arizona has the best and most beautiful sunsets.”

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