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The joys of motherhood are never fully experienced until all the children are in bed.
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AOA Patient Profile - Cynthia Applebaum

Cynthia Applebaum patient profile Cynthia Applebaumhas been a patient with the Arizona Wellness Group (part of the AOA family) since 1985. She learned about the practice through a friend at work, and has stuck with them ever since.
“I drive more than 30 minutes to their office, because I’ve been so impressed with their care,” she said. “With all of them (and I’ve seen everyone in the practice) they take the time you need. They talk with you and answer your questions. I never feel rushed. In fact, sometimes I feel guilty because they’re taking so much time with me that I worry about someone else waiting for them.”
The mother of twins boys, Cynthia felt especially taken care of during her labor and delivery.  “I think there is a great advantage to going to a large practice. I’ve seen everyone at least once, and because of that they were all invested in my pregnancy and felt a connection to me. When I was at the hospital in labor, Dr. Smith came and checked in on me, even though I wasn’t his patient, just because he knew me and had seen me. I felt like the whole practice was behind me.”
It was because of Cynthia that we began this newsletter. She told us how helpful it would be if we could provide practical, timely information for pregnant women. In her words, “something that would tell us what to expect, what’s normal, what to be looking for in the way of developmental milestones, what to expect from our bodies after giving birth, etc. “
We thought it was a great idea and decided to expand the newsletter to include tips about all aspects of your reproductive health.  We hope you like it.
Recently, Cynthia decided to become a stay-at-home mom to her young twins, and enjoys cooking, working out, and just hanging out with the twins.
Thank you, Cynthia for being our very first patient profile and for helping launch the AOA newsletter.
We are looking for other patients from our AOA family to profile. If you are interested in sharing your story, please contact our Newsletter Editor at jill@quaintise.com or let your doctor’s office know.