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Employee Spotlight: Meet Kim Swift, Our Certified Nurse Midwife

Employee Spotlight: Meet Kim Swift, Our Certified Nurse Midwife

Kim Swift, MSN, CNM, BSN, is a certified nurse midwife (CNM) working with the New Horizons Women's Care branches of AOA located in Chandler and Gilbert. Kim has a master of science in nursing (MSN) as well as a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN). Combining medical expertise with customized care, Kim provides support to women during and after their pregnancy.

Her specialties include holistic care, labor and delivery, contraceptive counseling, family planning and breastfeeding. Kim loves using a therapeutic approach to empower women to use their mind, body, and spirit during and after pregnancy. She also collaborates with New Horizons’ board-certified OBGYNs to provide continual care when a referral is necessary.

One way AOA rises above the competition is through offering a rigorous, voluntary course to all advanced practice providers (CNMs, NPs, and PAs) at the New Horizons branch. This program has allowed Kim and other providers to continue their education by studying physician-level OB and GYN textbooks and by collaborating with our physicians to ensure all physicians and providers are practicing in the same way. This process includes discussion of new evidence-based literature on how to provide optimal patient care so that when patients need medical intervention, our providers and physicians can collaborate seamlessly.

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Low-risk patients who are seeking a more personal and natural approach to prenatal care and labor support may prefer a CNM over an OBGYN. The support offered by a midwife can help guide you through the physical and emotional changes experienced during pregnancy and the planning of your birth experience. Feel free to contact New Horizons Women's Care at 480-895-9555 to schedule an appointment with Kim or to learn more about midwifery services at AOA.