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Meet the AOA Family - Dr. Monte R. Swarup

Dr. Monte R. Swarup, MD, FACOG (Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology)
New Horizons Women’s Care, Chandler
Dr. Monte R. Swarup, MD, FACOG How long have you been with New Horizons? 11 years

Where were you educated
?  I received a liberal arts degree from Cornell University (A.B., with concentration in biochemistry) and then went on to the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, and the Baylor College of Medicine at the Texas Medical Center.
Who are your family members? My wife Mona and our two children, 9-year old Ava, and Evan, who is 7.
Do you have pets? We have Teddy, an 8-month-old Bichon Frise, Brownie the guinea pig, and two, as-yet-unnamed fish.
What instrument do you play? iPod
What other languages do you speak? Hindi, Spanish
Do you have any hobbies? Family time, golf, tennis and watching sports
Awards: Phoenix Magazine Top Doctor, 2010; Secretary-AOA; Chairman Public Relations Committee-AOA; Associate Managing Partner-NHWC branch of AOA
Favorite movies: Top Gun, American Pie, The Hangover
Favorite food: pizza, burgers, nachos (bar food)
What do you do for fun? Family time, golf, tennis, exercise
What do you enjoy the most about your field of medicine? Seeing patients and their happiness/gratitude with what we can help them with.
Why did you go into ob/gyn medicine? For the variety. There is no other field of medicine where have so much variety. You manage ob patients, provide primary care and counseling (including contraceptive and pre-conception counseling), do surgeries, and participate in pre and post-operative care.  I get to be a part of one the most special moments in a family's life!
What is your favorite quote or saying? Work hard, play hard.
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Dr. Monte R. Swarup, MD, FACOG