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Hip Hip Hooray for Winter in Arizona

Hip Hip Hooray for Winter in Arizona

For those of us lucky enough to live in Arizona, our winters are especially enviable. We are blessed with arguably the most beneficent winters to be found anywhere in the continental U.S. Let’s face it, winter in Arizona is bliss.

While our compatriots in Boston, Chicago and nearly everywhere but here are being ceaselessly blanketed in snow and frigid conditions, we are biking our way on clear desert parkways through the respite of outdoor weather that is our winter. In the months between roughly November and May, we ride bikes, picnic in parks, lob tennis balls, swing clubs on the greens, and hike, hike, hike. We are outdoors everyday, and as much of the day as possible.

It’s during these winter months, when we can enjoy being outdoors, that we can truly appreciate good health. In the summer, when the temperatures are hovering over 110, we can all feel a little impaired. But when the winter is upon us and we have beautiful, temperate, sunny days we can fully appreciate the value of our health.

Happy winter to all of our Arizona friends and family! We take this moment to say thank you for partnering with AOA to maintain your good health. And remember, it’s not polite to gloat. Someday soon it will be August, and, well…you know.