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Naughty or Nice? Tips for Keeping Sex Play Safe

Naughty or Nice? Tips for Keeping Sex Play Safe

This Valentine’s Day weekend, the movie version of Fifty Shades of Grey set new records for the highest-grossing Presidents Day weekend movie of all time and ranking among the biggest R-rated debuts in history. One critic called the erotic drama “a comic book movie…with much naughtier costumes.” Clearly it struck a fantasy nerve with audiences, especially women.

Whether your romantic fantasies are naughty or nice it’s important to remember that this is all about consent and communication. Safe words should be agreed upon and rehearsed well before experimenting with this form of sex play. Negotiate these rules in advance, so nothing happens unless each partner agrees.

If 50 Shades of Grey has inspired you and your partner to spice things up with sex play, just remember to establish safe words, agree on the rules of the game, use a little common sense, and have fun. It can help open up new channels of communication and enable both partners to gain a deeper understanding and comfort level with their bodies.