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The joys of motherhood are never fully experienced until all the children are in bed.
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The Holidays Have Arrived on Facebook

The Holidays Have Arrived on Facebook

Can you believe the holiday season is upon us already? Our Facebook family sure can’t, but in order to alleviate some of that holiday stress we’ve been providing a bit more comedy than usual. Our AOA Family Facebook page was initially created to provide accurate health information and education, but over the years we’ve also learned that our Fans expect a bit more than the average OB GYN Facebook Page. It is for that reason we offer a few laughs, some inspiration, and some tearjerkers.

For example, in November we provided our Fans with a Marilyn Monroe quote that seemed to touch a nerve. You’ll have to visit our Facebook Page to see for yourself. We also touched on sleep habits, breastfeeding and weight gain tips.

In November we reached a milestone – 7,000 Facebook Fans! We can’t thank our Facebook family enough for the wonderful comments and engagement through the years. Help us hit our next mark – 8,000! Like our AOA Family Facebook Page today!