Five Ways to Keep Your Sex Life Sexy

The joys of motherhood are never fully experienced until all the children are in bed.
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Five Ways to Keep Your Sex Life Sexy

Five Ways to Keep Your Sex Life SexyOur sexual health, just like other aspects of our health is an essential part of being alive and is constantly changing as we develop and age. Additionally, what motivates us to have sex changes; how our bodies move and respond changes; and our individual circumstances and needs change throughout our lifetime. What feels sexy at 25 is very different from what feels sexy at later ages, or after experiencing an illness. But the health benefits of a close physical relationship continue to be important throughout our life.

Here are five ways to keep your sex life, well…sexy.

1. Pay attention to your body. Sexual health is linked with overall health, and understanding what you can expect from your body at different phases of your life enables you to nurture a healthy sex life that evolves with you. When you’re in your child-bearing years, procreation hormones are running on all pistons and your body is producing what it needs to keep the engine humming. During this time of life, physical desire is an extremely strong motivation for having sex. We age and evolve, however, and physical desire ebbs as life conditions, such as childbirth, family and work obligations, stress, menopause, and illness leave their mark on us. We can nurture a healthy sex life by taking care of ourselves physically: getting enough sleep, eating healthy food, and recognizing that changes will occur for us and our partners.

2. Talk with your partner. To keep a healthy sex life, it’s crucial to talk to each other about the changes you experience, the doubts that arise, and the suppositions that you bring to the relationship. As your body changes over time and the demands of life have their impact, talking with one another about these changes will keep things sexy. If you’re not used to talking with one another about sex, it may uncomfortable to bring up, but opening up about your concerns or doubts can help get the conversations started.

Practice by talking regularly and being specific. After all, none of us can read each other’s minds and talking openly can be surprisingly effective foreplay. Think of it this way, accommodating your changing needs can be part of the lasting fun of cultivating a healthy sex life.

3. Focus on specifics. Some topics that can help you understand one another better and overcome discomfort include timing, romance, pleasure, breaking the routine, etc. Do you feel that you are setting aside enough time for sexual intimacy? Do you both have the same definition of romance? What gives you pleasure? Are your preconceived ideas to uncover any misconceptions that may be impacting your sex life. Don’t hesitate to ask your AOA healthcare provider if you feel doubts or concerns.

4. Use your imagination. Has your sex life become too routine and predictable? What are some changes that could liven things up? Perhaps you can experiment with having sex at a different time of day, trying out new positions, or slowing down and taking extra time to build the experience. Talking with each other about how to bring an element of surprise, unpredictability and play back into sex. Tell each other what gives you pleasure.

5. Use your AOA healthcare provider as a resource. Ask questions at your regular checkups. Find out what to expect at different stages of your life. Find out if other areas of your health could be affecting your physical pleasure. Don’t let fear or embarrassment keep you from a healthy sex life.

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