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The joys of motherhood are never fully experienced until all the children are in bed.
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Welcome to Arizona OBGYN Affiliates First Email Newsletter

Welcome to our inaugural AOA e-newsletter, where we will share the most up-to-date knowledge about women’s health and give you the tools you need to be an informed partner in your own care. We will provide you with accurate, timely, and easy-to-understand information, including advancements in treatments and procedures, tips for healthy living, and features on the doctors and staff in the AOA family, along with features on our other AOA family members – the patients we serve.

Arizona OBGYN Affiliates (AOA) is a family of OBGYN physicians that have joined together to provide exceptional women’s healthcare through its 9 branch offices and Valley-wide locations. As the largest OBGYN practice in Arizona, AOA is on the cutting edge of new technology and care. At many of our AOA offices, patients are welcome to take advantage of a one-stop shop including in-office surgeries, lab tests, and ultra sounds. The AOA Family of doctors and practices are raising the bar in women’s healthcare.

This month we’re honing in on “preconception” and how you can use the time before you get pregnant to boost your overall health. In the months to come, we’ll share tips and insights on all aspects of a woman’s reproductive life, including subjects such as “new solutions for menstrual problems like heavy bleeding,” and “breakthroughs in birth control,” among others. We welcome your comments and feedback.

In this issue: