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Why Patients Love daVinci Hysterectomies

What is a daVinci hysterectomy and why does it matter? First and foremost, it is minimally invasive surgery using robotics. Previously, most hysterectomies were performed by making a large incision in the patient. This is called open surgery, and as you can imagine, the recovery can be slow and painful. Many of you may have heard painful tales about your mom or aunt or grandmother’s hysterectomy and dread the thought of having to go through a such an uncomfortable procedure and painful recovery.

With the daVinci robotic system, your surgeon operates through just a few small incisions. Using a magnified 3D high definition system and tiny wristed instruments that bend and rotate far greater than a human wrist, she is able to operate with greatly enhanced vision, precision, dexterity, and control.

Why Patients Love daVinci Hysterectomies

Our providers have been having excellent results with this surgical technique and the patients have been thrilled with their outcomes. Shelly R., a patient who had her surgery in early March this year, is full of praise for how it went and how quickly she recovered. “When I woke up after the procedure,’ she said, “I didn’t know anything had happened. I wasn’t in pain, and the only thing that made me sure that I’d had the surgery were the four small incisions.”

She was on her feet that night and back at work just three days later. While Shelly’s recovery was exceptional, patients usually recover very smoothly with minimal time off. Of course, this is considerably better than open surgeries.

In 2013, 191,000 women had a minimally invasive robotic hysterectomy. If you find yourself facing the possibility of a hysterectomy, talk with your AOA doctor about this approach that avoids the pain of open surgery and allows for a speedy recovery. All AOA branches and many physicians are offering this option.

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