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See our Health Tip Videos on the AOA Facebook Page

See our Health Tip Videos on the AOA Facebook Page

As the temperatures begin to heat up, so is the activity on our AOA Family Facebook Page! Of course, the weather is always a big topic here in Arizona, and that’s no different on Facebook. If you’re pregnant during this Arizona summer, have no worries because our experienced AOA Physicians have the answers to your summer questions and the tips to get you through the heat.

In May we launched our very first Q&A Video with Dr. Monte Swarup! In the 30-second Q&A Video, Dr. Swarup discusses the benefits of staying hydrated during the summer and what drinks are safe for both you and your baby. Jump over to our AOA Family Facebook Page to see our upcoming educational videos and to leave your question for upcoming AOA Q&A Videos.

Each and every month we not only engage in informational discussions regarding pregnancy and your health, but we toss in some fun games and contests, as well as hilarious images and inspirational quotes. If you are not AOA Family Facebook Page yet, come and join the conversation!