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Exercising During Pregnancy

It is a good idea to keep moving during your pregnancy. You may feel nauseous and tired, especially during the first trimester, and uncertain whether exercise will make it better or worse, but keeping your body moving is good for your health and that of your developing baby.

Exercising During Pregnancy

Each trimester you will need to make adjustments in the type of exercise you do, how strenuous, and how often, but just like during any other phase of your life, exercise during pregnancy helps keep you fit and strong. There’s a fairly big job ahead of you in labor and delivery, and then in the physical challenges of taking care of a newborn baby. The right kind of exercise can make labor easier and help your energy and your body bounce back after the baby comes.

In addition to helping you gain strength and prepare for childbirth, exercise during pregnancy can help you sleep better, boost your mood, and it can help prevent gestational diabetes.

Some Simple Rules for Exercising During Pregnancy

  • Keep your heart rate less than 150 beats/minute
  • Check with your AOA doctor about your exercise plans.
  • Don’t engage in dangerous sports.
  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Keep moving.
  • Stay hydrated – get plenty of water.
  • Don’t overdo or get overheated.
  • Take time to cool down.
  • Make it a habit.

Stretching, cardiovascular routines, Kegel exercises, and yoga are popular and healthy elements of a pregnancy exercise routine. You will want to avoid anything that requires running into other people, deep sea diving, falling down, or excessive jarring activities. It’s common sense, really. You can continue to do most of the activities you’ve always enjoyed, just with increased awareness of how much is enough. If you have any questions about the kinds of exercise you want to enjoy during your pregnancy, be sure to talk with your AOA doctor.

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