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Aging and Your Sexual Health

Aging and Your Sexual Health

A satisfying sex life is a natural part of being a vibrant adult, even as we grow older. Sometimes the changes in our bodies as we age can impact our ability to enjoy sex in the same way we did when we were younger. And because we often don’t talk about these changes with our healthcare providers, we may be missing out on ways to improve our sexual health and continue to experience intimacy. Age-related changes that can affect sexual feelings and responses include everything from decreased hormone levels, medical conditions, and chronic pain. In addition, sometimes the medications we need to treat an illness or condition can also impair our sexual health.

The key to maintaining sexual health as your body ages is adapting to change. Just because your body doesn’t do exactly what it once did, don’t let that stop you. Pay attention to your body and be willing to talk with your AOA doctor about changes you may be experiencing.

Common, post-menopausal changes for women include decreased interest, lack of pleasure, dryness, reduced sensation, inability to orgasm, and pain during intercourse. Something that may have felt great ten years ago, may not feel as good to you now. Satisfying sexual intimacy may take a little more imagination than it did when you were younger, but the rewards of a healthy sex life are just as important as we age.

Don’t be afraid to talk with your AOA provider about the changes you may experience as you age. Your doctor can address any concerns you have and recommend ways to improve your sexual health.

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