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Join Our Facebook Family!

Join Our Facebook Family!

It’s time for another AOA Family Live Facebook Chat, and we invite you to “like” our Facebook page to stay updated on Live Chat information. The informational discussion will take place Friday, December 6th at 1pm and will be on the topic of High Risk Pregnancy.

If you or your baby has an increased chance for health problems such as preterm labor, preeclampsia, or problems with the placenta, this Live Facebook Chat is for you! If you are diabetic, have or have had cancer, high blood pressure, kidney disease or epilepsy, this Live Facebook Chat is for you!

Start collecting your thoughts and concerns, write down your questions, and be prepared to join us on December 6th your own questions and concerns but learn from others as they discuss their experiences.

Join us on Facebook today as we post related topics on High Risk Pregnancy in preparation for our Live Chat.