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Join Our Facebook Family!

Join Our Facebook Family

First off, we want to thank each and every one of you who participated in our Facebook Live Chat with Dr. Oland. Thanks to you, it was a huge success! On September 13th at 1pm, Dr. Jordan Oland from our Estrella location took some time out of his very busy day to talk with our Facebook Fans about fertility. For over an hour he answered questions on a very sensitive subject, putting fears to ease and positively educating our Facebook family on some of the tips and tricks for improving fertility.

If you happened to miss out on our Live Chat with Dr. Oland, don’t worry. We have been re-posting his important fertility information so that everyone and anyone interested in fertility knowledge can continue to get the information they need.

Visit our AOA Family Facebook page in October for continued fertility and pregnancy advice and you never know, we might just have a fun Halloween contest waiting for you.