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Affordable Care Act Update from Mike Urig, MD, President of AOA

Affordable Care Act Update from Mike Urig, MD, President of AOAA recent article in In Business magazine analyzed some of the impacts on both patients and healthcare providers under the new Affordable Care Act. While the changes are still being implemented, some providers, like AOA, have found that joining practices together has enabled them to achieve an economy of scale and service to their patients as a mid-sized business, rather than as small, single-physician practices.

AOA was formed in 2007, when five practices were combined into one with multiple branches. The affiliation is organized to “minimize variance between the branches but allow each to retain autonomy on day-to-day operations.” Michael Urig, M.D. the president of the board of Arizona OBGYN Affiliates, is quoted in the article as saying, "One way to provide good healthcare and reduce costs is to join together. We reduced costs at the supply level and IT support."

One way that AOA has reduced costs is by performing procedures in-house that may have previously been done as outpatient surgery or in a hospital. This kind of change is ultimately much more efficient and less expensive, but it does require an initial investment in increased staff, office space and equipment. The long-term benefits for patients and practitioners made the upfront investment worthwhile.

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