Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression occurs in women that have just had children and can often be debilitating and completely confusing for a new mother to understand. It happens as the body’s hormones adjust back to regular levels and often is characterized by signs and symptoms similar to traditional depression. The mother may lose interest in everything around her, including her new baby. It can be challenging for a women to overcome, however, with help from your Arizona OBGYN Affiliates provider, there are ways to treat this form of depression.


Signs of postpartum depression include feelings of sadness or hopelessness that don’t go away after a few days; lack of appetite; an inability to sleep; among other signs. New mothers may feel discontent or resentment towards their new baby and have a lack of understanding for why they feel that way. This is very common for first time mothers, although postpartum depression can affect a woman every time she has a child. In severe cases, women may need to take antidepressants or other medications to stave off the depression, particularly if it gets too bad. An Arizona OBGYN Affiliates provider may prescribe medication to help with the shifts in mood, though if it gets severe he may also prescribe counseling and more extensive treatment since postpartum depression can often manifest into full blown depression that lingers longer after having a baby.


The more important component of dealing with this type of depression is to take it seriously. Severe cases can cause mental instability when it is not treated. Talking to an Arizona OBGYN Affiliates provider and recognizing the symptoms as they occur is key to catching postpartum depression before it gets to the point where it is affect your life. There are also support groups available in most areas, which can be a part of an overall treatment plan, where women come together to talk through coping mechanisms for postpartum depression. Sharing tips on how to overcome it can be very helpful since the experience is different for everyone.


Postpartum depression can rob you of your experience and time with your new baby, so getting help early keeps it from becoming more severe than necessary. Talk with your Arizona OBGYN Affiliates provider the minute you start to feel down or hopeless and notice that it is not passing. SHe or he may be able to make recommendations that ensure you get your life back and start to feel more balanced so you can enjoy your precious little one.